Empower Your Sales & Marketing Team
with the World’s First B2B Multilayered Intent

Eliminate the guesswork by identifying user interests and the whole company buying intent.

With the constant development in the B2B industry, many companies fall short in understanding the invisible demand and intent signals of the buying committee.

IntentMacro gives your business a competitive edge by providing you with advanced sales and marketing intelligence obtained by tracking what we call “intent signals” that help uncover fresh information & current buying interests through our regularly updated IntentMacro database.

IntentMacro uncovers in-depth data through proprietary information mapping tables backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence that help us better understand your buyers

Infographics and technographic libraries are also created through mapping tables backed by Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Machine Learning and AI that uncover the real intensity of demand and interest through our very own, Intent based leads and Intent scoring.

Our Intent-driven marketing intelligence will boost your sales pipeline and ROI

By helping you generate leads with our tried and tested data gathering methods listed below that can help reveal the real intent and current stage of the buying team’s journey.

Buying Stage
Account Intelligence
CC Connections

IntentMacro offers data-driven marketing insights that reveal:

Leads that are interested in various technologies

The optimum time to reach out to ready buyers

Current purchasing intent signals of your target leads

Data insights enabling faster sales

Wherever your prospects may be in the sales funnel, IntentMacro can uncover the various intent signals and produce marketing intelligence that you can actually use for your advantage.

Take advantage of the world’s best organized and mapped B2B database 
One of the largest and most up-to-date corpuses of technology content
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data products.
Track intent signals at different levels: specific individual, per department, multiple job levels, and at company level

What Do We Offer?

IntentMacro has a solid foundation of practices and has an established track record of improving the efficiency of sales and marketing teams. Our revolutionary intent-based lead generation system can give your company a variety of leads at different stages of the sales funnel.

Intent Targeted Lead Generation

  • Technology-based Intent Leads
  • Intent-based Nurturing
  • Intent-based ABM

Multi-Layered Intent Leads

  • Virtual Target Account Lead Generation - influencers, decision makers, approvers, implementers, maintainers
  • Intent level measurement – from contact, company, to cross-department levels
  • Content consumption trackers
  • Competitive advantages/disadvantages
  • Migration of intent consumption through buyer’s journey

Data-driven Marketing Insights

  • Comparison of your content against your competition
  • Content consumption review through buyer’s journey (and how to serve future content accordingly)
  • Reports on when your competitor’s content is generating interest

Demand Generation

  • Sales stage discovery which allows content seeding to move towards bottom of funnel
  • Early uncovering of need which allows for proper demand generation via targeted lead nurturing
  • Using influence on user groups to adopt and support groups to implement

Uncover ready buyers with IntentMacro’s Multilayered B2B Intent Data

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