Intent-based Lead Generation in 2020

The core of every lead generation company is its data. The data points being identified and discovered after running several marketing campaigns are the ones that drive the sales revenue. They say that every lead is different, and its value depends on the accuracy and variety of its information. But what really makes a great lead?

A great lead is an intent-based lead. With Intent-based Lead Generation, you can determine the online activities of your lead, study the trends, and come up with actionable insights and initiatives from it.

One of the main focuses of Intent-based Lead Generation is knowing the buyer intent of your leads. This will help your teams to have a better sales pipeline management, more specific prioritization of targeting prospects, and more importantly, guide your teams to run strategic lead generation campaigns and retargeting programs to have a coherent and accurate information about your intent-based leads and their buying potential or activities.

In 2020, B2B lead generation companies are expected to deliver leads with the most granular intent data. The main key to an effective Intent-based Lead Generation is the ability to implement the right usage of your big data and find out the most granular data points and the buyer intent of your leads at any stage of the buying cycle. With this, your company can become a recognized leader not only in the usual B2B demand generation services but also in the Intent-based Lead Generation solutions. More B2B marketers and sellers will definitely aim to learn more about your services and eventually become one of your partners in this industry.

Overall, the intent-based leads will always be the highly targeted leads in the coming years as they offer the most granular scale and the most accurate information that can deliver measurable results for many B2B companies and partners.




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