How to Improve Email Campaign Open Rates?

A strong subject line defines the overall fate of your email campaign. Spammy and long subject lines are bound to get ignored and deleted by recipients. As you perform your email marketing campaigns, you’ll come to understand the importance of subject lines. 

Here are a few tips that you can implement in writing your subject lines:

1. Keep your subject lines short.

A long subject line would be cut out in most email applications. A lot of recipients check their emails on mobile. It is recommended to use short precise subject lines. 

2. Do not use CAPS and exclamation points on subject lines

Having capital letters and exclamation points on the subject line decreases the chance of the mail getting read. Most recipients tend to subconsciously relate these emails as spam.

3. Use urgency.

 Importance compels readers to act and to open emails. Make sure to strategize on how you can effectively use urgency in subject lines. 

4. Curiosity in subject lines

Emphasizing benefits and enticing readers with mystery can increase your open rates. Recipients tend to open emails that would be beneficial to them. Remember to not be to obscure though. 

5. Revenue and Percentage Related

Subject lines that take into consideration revenue create a beneficial effect. In turn, readers want to find out how they can achieve higher revenue, thus resulting in higher conversion rates. 




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