Top Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Start Doing

All through out any business operations, email is constantly used in communicating towards your customers, prospects and clients. Whether it’s a promotional content or a sales inquiry, email marketing has always achieved extraordinary results for the growth of a company.

Find out the top email marketing strategies you need to start doing:

1. Personalize your email

Since email is one of the most preferred methods in communicating, personalizing your message increases the chances of engagement and higher response rates. Not everyone is practicing personalization with their content, through this strategy you are increasing the chances of your email standing out.

Now, personalizing your email can be done in a lot of ways. The good thing about this is that even a simple tweak in the subject line can start creating additional traction. Personalizing the email content based on the behavior and trends of previous email campaigns can also help you improve the overall email stats too.

2. Segmenting list

Through segmenting your contacts, you can personalize your email better. You can also receive better open rates and click through rates through segmenting your contacts in different key attributes such as industry, job function, geographic location and company size. The possibilities are endless when it comes to segmentation.

3. A/B Tests

Experimenting what works best in your email campaigns is part of the overall process of email marketing. A/B testing in email marketing is the process of finding out which email template would get the most effective results given that one stays constant and the other template serves as your variable.

There are a lot of ways to implement A/B tests. The most common one is through changing the subject line. You can try testing out different topics included in the subject line to test which would get the most traction and open rates from your subscribers. Another way of doing A/B tests on subject line is through personalization. You can try testing if adding the first name of your recipient on the subject line would result in better email metrics.

Another option in implementing A/B tests is the email template design. You can try changing the aesthetics or the color. For the content, testing section titles, article length and even the call-to-action button are just some of your possible options.

When doing A/B tests it’s important to only test one factor at a time. Also, you need to consider sending to the same number of contacts.

4. Time Zone

If you have a lot of subscribers across the globe, you must consider the correct time zones when sending emails. You can also do A/B tests for this. Remember the holiday schedules too. There are some celebrations that are only done on specific countries. Depending on your segmented lists, you can adjust the schedule date and time of your email campaign.

5. Mobile Optimized

With the advancements in technology, gone are the days when people are only limited in using their desktops and laptops in checking their emails. In the age where anything is possible and mobile, almost everyone has email access on their phones. It’s important to ensure that your emails are mobile optimized. The design should be responsive regardless of what device your recipients are using. For the subject lines and pre-header texts, remember to keep it short. Do not waste your chance on getting your email read with long and unnecessary texts.

Regardless of your end goals, email marketing will always play a big role in your business growth. Gone are the days, when email marketing is as simple as sending emails. For your business to grow, you need to start implementing and strategizing your email marketing process.  




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